Three thousand concrete trench covers were received and installed at site, at estimated cost of around seven lakh rupees. Of these, two trench covers broke. No one injured.

Sandipbhai Goyal (the developer) says, need to change all the covers. Who bears the costs? Not important, to be decided. All concrete trench covers to be remade with steel reinforcement. Decision taken, communicated and implementation started and soon completed.

This is just one such instance exemplifying the attitude and commitment of those at the helm. Finest designs, highest functionality, best materials selected, best workmanship ensured, and no compromises made along the way.

Sky City is an 104 acre integrated township being developed with uncompromising dedication to quality, personally overlooked by the developers and their team .

The site is being developed with an earnest vision to improve both the dignity and quality of life for its users with world class facilities and unprecedented quality of materials and workmanship.

We at VYARA are proud to have been a part of the vision, and to have supplied several materials including the Concrete Kerbstones, Trench covers, Pavers, exposed aggregate pebble tiles etc.

Do have a look at actual site photographs brilliantly shot by Shilpa Gavanhe.